GM Goldman & Assoc. has been a pleasure to work with. The staff is always helpful and pleasant. It is so nice to be able to talk to a real person and not to sit on hold for 20 minutes. I would recommend GM Goldman to my friends.

Margeret M., Vernon Hills, IL

When I met my agent from GM Goldman, I assured him that I was very happy with my Medicare supplement and was not looking to change. After his through presentation about Medicare and supplemental insurance, I came to realize that all medicare supplements are the same except for the price. I was able to save $70 a month which makes a big difference on my fixed income. Thank you GM Goldman!

Carl G., Wheaton, IL

When I was turning 65, everyday I received mail about Medicare supplements and prescription drug plans. I also got lots of advice from friends. All of the information was confusing and left me unsure of where to turn. When I met the representative from GM Goldman, she was able to help me throw away most of the solicitations and sift through the advice that I had been receiving. She helped me pick the most cost effective medicare supplement. She also advised me on how to pick the most appropriate drug plan by going on the Medicare website with me. I am so grateful to GM Goldman for helping make potentially stressful decisions much easier. I don’t know how I would have done it without them.

Nikki R., Deerfield, IL

While most of my friends were losing money in the market during the 2008 crash, my money was protected due my agent’s recommendation that I move a portion of my assets into a fixed annuity. Thank you GM Goldman for helping me to keep my hard earned money safe.

Stan L., Mount Prospect, IL

When my agent from GM Goldman asked me about my life insurance, I told him that I was all set. He advised me that I may be able to reduce my premium or increase my death benefit. Well, it turns out that I really had not reviewed my policy in years because my original agent was long gone. Since I was in relatively good health, my GM Goldman agent was able to show me ways to increase my death benefit for no additional premium. I am so glad that I did a policy review with my GM Goldman agent.

Walter J., Arlington Heights,IL

I used to worry about getting sick and going through my retirement money to pay for care. My agent from GM Goldman spent time educating me on the various options for Long Term Care insurance. She was very patient and understanding. She helped guide me through the process and made it easy for me to decide on the options that were best for me. Most importantly, I now have peace of mind that I can comfortably enjoy my retirement and I no longer have to worry about long term care. Thank you.

Mary J., Naperville,IL