Four weight management apps to help you lose weight


In this period of open health enrollment, we’re all concerned about finding the best insurance plan to meet our needs. It’s also a good time to take stock of our health. And, of course what we eat has a direct impact on our health.

Here are a four free iPhone and Android weight management apps to help you review what and how much you’re eating, what you’re buying at the grocery store and your activity level.

  1. helps you achieve sustainable healthy weight management and weight loss. This tool includes an app as well as a website so you can see your information on your computer as well. Lose It helps you create a personalized weight loss plan with goals that include a goal weight as well as total wellness and fitness. The app includes access to a verified food database that helps you track your calories with easy searching, or add custom foods and you can share recipes. You can also scan a UPC to add food.
  2. includes access to a million foods and items in a searchable database that lets you easily add your food log to your iPhone or Android. This is an easy-to-use app that allows you to easily track your personalized diet profile. Plus, it helps you set healthy diet and exercise goals.
  3. takes a different approach to food management by helping you figure out what food is actually good for you to eat. You can instantly see if a food you are considering buying is good for you by scanning a barcode with your iPhone or Android. Forget trying to decipher the nutritional content based on a small area on the back of the box and look at the Fooducate grade that will help you make smart decisions. You can also ask questions in the Fooducate community to learn about healthy foods.
  4. is a free iPhone and Android app that provides you with the ability to search for healthy dishes at local restaurants, especially in larger cities like NYC. We all know how hard it is to make good decisions when we go out to eat. This app takes some of the guess work out of the decision making process.

Give these a try to see if they help make healthy eating decisions.